The Benefits of Process Mapping


When you want to take a look at your process to see where there is room for improvement, the best way to get started is by creating s process map also known as a current state process map. 

What is process mapping?

Process mapping is a visual tool used to illustrate the steps and flow of a process. Essentially it shows what and who is needed at every step of the process so you can pinpoint areas where continuous process improvement actions need to be made.

Benefits of Process Mapping

1. See the Big Picture

As mentioned before, process mapping is a visual tool. The as-is process maps help you see the big picture of what your current processes look like right now. So, when completing your process map, make sure that you include each step from the beginning to the end of the process.

2. Shows the Importance of each Employee

Process mapping is a collaborative activity. By involving every person in the process and improving the processes, it will empower each of them to make positive changes. Clearly showing how each person is involved, can help people understand that they belong and are needed. 

3. Improve and Refine your Processes

The main goal is to pinpoint what needs to be improved in your process. By inspecting each step, it should be easy to analyze which ones are classified as value added, business value added and nonvalue added. After classifying each step in the process, it makes it easier to identify where your waste is.  

4. Customer Satisfaction

Process mapping can expose that internal processes are resulting in a customer experience that isn’t as good as it could be. By studying the process map and keeping the customer in mind at each step, you can greatly improve customer satisfaction. If the business process aligns with the needs of the customers, you can deliver superior customer value.

Download our free Lean Six Sigma Process Map Template to create your own process map for your business. 

Written by Sarah Chesla

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